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Who the Hell do we think we are?

SMUG is "craft brewed" by media whores from all walks of life.

Leslie Harpold, Publisher

In a desperate plea to star in her own infommercial, Leslie publishes SMUG from a tiny cupboard in Hell's Kitchen. Originally from Royal Oak, Michigan, she moved to Manhattan on a dare, having never been there. She is also the "7th sexiest person on the Internet" according to The Net magazine. She likes pleats.

Todd Levin

Todd Levin is a 28 year old man with all of his baby teeth, who grew up thinking that French kissing involved smacking a girl around a bit. He writes, paints, speaks, and taps keys like a chicken playing tic-tac-toe. College made him angry, work made him stupid, but God made him hopeful. He is open to suggestions.

Joe Procopio

Joe Procopio lives a wildly happy yet ultimately strange life. On a quest to prove you can coast all the way to the end on charm, he spends most of his time trying to convince famous and otherwise important people that he isnít impressed. In his spare time, he fronts a band called Brilliant, has extracted a novel and a half, and runs a madcap little operation known as intrepid media. He's also a spy!

Joshua Allen

Josh is CEO of Fireland Text Products, Inc. and is still stabbing blindly into the dark, cold realm of the internet, hoping someday to connect with warm animal flesh and puncture it, cause severe bleeding, subdural hematoma, blown pupils, diaphoresis, cardiac tamponade, urethral disruption, and/or intra-abdominal hemorrhaging.

Ben Auburn

There's so much to say about Ben Auburn we're afraid to go into detail here for fear he will make us all look like slackers. Suffice it to say that after the next Smug Team building seminar and self esteem raising encounter weekend, we will allow Ben to say a little about himself and try to reassure ourselves that we are fit to tie his shoes.

Brian Thomas

Secretly famous Brian Thomas was born in rat infested squalor in the filthy back alleys of Chicago, where he still resides today. Although he has drawn and written hundreds of comic-books that have been feverishly snapped up by collectors for pagan ritual burning ceremonies, he still needs to get his "kicks" by watching lots and lots of movies and getting paid to make fun of them. Apparently it's some kind of sick joke.

Scout Finch
Scout was born with a silver spoon in his mouth. It has remained there ever since, causing him much discomfort and a fair number of beatings in junior high school. He kills time at a day job in the advertising industry, where he is referred to as The Spoon Guy, or Mumbles; by night he is the singer in a San Francisco-based roots rock/alt-country band called Darling Clementines. He would like to thank the Academy for this opportunity, and if space permitted, would probably point out a few bands he likes.

Sherman T. Biswick

Like the retirement community he lives in, Sherman T. Biswick is sometimes referred to as "shady." He fears telemarketing scams, therefore does not answer his phone. His collection of JFK collectible plates have won various and sundry prizes, and his favorite pharmacy is Walgreens.

Mark Zingarelli

Fifteen year freelance illustrator, comics hack and short order cook, Mark Zingarelli finds inspiration in film noir, hardboiled fiction and warm Krispy Kreme doughnuts.

Nicole Markee, Search Engine Maker

Regular people exchange flowers, but Nicole was kind enough to give the gift that keeps on giving, the Smug search engine to Leslie for her birthday. Nicole works her Perl voodoo all over the country, but is shacked up in Reston, VA for the time being. She hopes you like Bastro and is thinking about your natal chart.

Ann E. Fullerton

Ann is very talented and patient, and wet nursed SMUG through it's inception. She owns Modern Solutions, an internet presence provider. She patently refused to enter the pissing match that was the bio writing ceremony, being the only one with the confidence to let her work speak for itself.

Are You SMUG?

At SMUG, we are always looking for bright ideas and unusual takes on media, music, and all things relevant to the thinking woman or man. Political correctness is firmly eschewed, strong opinions are always embraced. If you have any comments or suggestions, please send them here.

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